Saturday, November 16, 2013


Hello World,

I should start off by saying that every important person who has ever lived, ever, was a Steve.  There is no getting around this fact.  The very reason this blog exists is so I can pass on vital information for anyone concerned (preferably named Steve, Stephen, Steven, or some close alteration of these names) and to enlighten those in search of the meaning behind life.  "Why should I bother listening to a Steve?", you might be asking yourself right now.  Well, the meaning of the name "Stephen" means crown or garland, so every Steve should be listened to and obeyed as if he had the authority of a king or monarch.  My initial intention was to make these writings accessible only to those fortunate enough to be named 'Steve,' but modern technology makes this difficult, so I have decided to share these anecdotes, short stories, commentaries, and wisdom-nuggets with the world.  Besides, the clever blog title is in fact the brain child of a 'non-Steve' (credit goes to my sisters here).

**Note: persons without birth name of Stephen or some derivation thereof shall be referred to as 'non-Steves,' much in the same way non-magic folk were called 'muggles' in the Harry Potter series, or those without tamagotchies during the fourth grade were called 'nerds.'

Steves have done so much good in this world, I deem this online shrine to Steves more than appropriate under the circumstances.  Without Steves, I can guarantee the world at large would be deficient in laughter, a harsh thought I struggle even to imagine.  So now I toast all Steves, and may you, dear reader, join me in this toast.  I urge everyone to be thankful for the Steve(s) in his/her life.  If for whatever reason you don't feel the sentiments I feel towards the Steve-commmunity, then I suppose you could take it like a man and banish yourself from this place for good, or you can follow the highly suggested second option, and STEVE IT!

Your humble blogger,

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